Nike Shox R4 Back

Nike's current strategy is all about bringing back the classics, and now they're reviving their retro lineup, including the historically rich Nike Shox series. Truly, it has a long history.

Recently, official images of a brand new colorway for the Nike Shox R4 were revealed.

The shoe is designed in a minimalistic silver and white color scheme, offering a simple yet trendy Y2K vibe. I'm sure they'll look great on feet. The shoe features two types of leather with different sheens, giving it a premium feel. The traditional Shox columns in the midsole heel, though standard in terms of comfort, definitely add noticeable height. The Shox technology, famous for Vince Carter's iconic dunks, acts like a spring, providing athletes with support and explosive power. However, its downside is a lack of cushioning, which can increase the strain on the knees. They are indeed quite firm for everyday wear.

In terms of styling, I recommend pairing them with drapey trousers or sweatpants for a more streetwise look. The brand new Nike Shox R4 Returns is set to launch in 2024.